Tequila Honor del Castillo, Reflexion Blanco



  • Mexico
  • Producer: Tequila Honor
  • Size: 750ml
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Couleur: white







Handcrafted tequila who uses carefully matured 100% Blue Agave
Cooked in traditional clay ovens and fermented slowly
Utilizing a custom yeast to ensure complex and unique aromas
Distillation takes place in small copper pot stills that add further complexity
Color: white tequila 
Scent: agave, hints of mint, thyme and jasmine and a slight taste of laurel
Flavor: mild tequila with hints of vanilla and citrus. Long finish, slightly spicy taste 
With a strong personality and casual approach
Reflexión is for those who live fast but are in constant search for balance
Best of category at  Los Angeles International spirits competition
Private importation through the SAQ, Quebec, Canada
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  • Tequila Honor del Castillo, Reflexion Blanco
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