What is an liquor import agency?

The regulations on the sale of alcoholic products in Quebec stipulate that only the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) is authorized to sell alcohol. However, agencies such as Maison Nobleza are authorized to act as an intermediary between the product manufacturer, the SAQ and the customer. Our agency facilitates the import of unique, authentic products, often in limited quantities. The work we do allows us to introduce you to products that are not available in SAQ stores.

How does private orders work?

You may have already tasted a wine or spirits in a restaurant or event, you fell in love with it but you never found it at the SAQ. These products are available by private order, from an agency. The reservation is made on the agency's website in cases of 6 or 12 bottles (depending on the logistics of the producer) and recovery is done in a designated SAQ store.

How to order?

On our website, choose the products that interests you (cases), enter the order by choosing the designated SAQ store where you want to collect your products and pay the agency fees.

Why do I pay agency fees?

Agency fees cover the various expenses associated with importing and representing products.

When and how do I pay for products on a private order?

Products (excluding agency fees) are payable directly at the SAQ store when you collect your products. Moreover, it is the SAQ which fixes the price for the products.

When will I be able to pick up my order?

Usually, private orders for wines and spirits are available within 5 to 15 days of placing your order. Your designated SAQ store will contact you when your order is available.

Can I have it delivered to my home or work?

As a general rule, products on private order are delivered only to certain SAQ branches. The list of SAQ branches that can receive your private imports can be found on our site, on the page for each product. However, our agency has a permit to pick up your order from the SAQ and deliver it to you, contact us for details.

Can I buy by bottle by private order?

Private order importation are only offered in cases of 6 or 12 bottles, depending on the logistics of the producer. Unfortunately, they cannot be ordered individually.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once the order has been sent to the SAQ, it is no longer possible to cancel it. If you do not collect your order within 8 days of the call from the SAQ store, your order will be returned to the warehouses and fees will be applied.

What if I want to return a defective product?

The policy is the same as for any product purchased from the SAQ. For more information, see the SAQ's exchange and refund policy available on its website. If this is the case, keep your proof of reimbursement from the SAQ and Maison Nobleza will reimburse you the agency fees for these products.