The story

Maison Nobleza was born from the passionate work of a Romanian and a Mexican, proud of their origins.

Romanian: "From a young age, I knew how grapes were transformed into wine. Everything was done at home and everyone participated. The vines that covered the long courtyard of the house and climbed the fences that surrounded the garden produced enough for family and visiting friends. Often I would go down to the cool clay cellar to watch the fermentation fermented in large, well-aligned bottles in silence."

The Mexican: "Urban, born in the largest Mexican city and later established in the south of the country, I loved working in the family company in sales and distribution on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea. I have always favored the promotion of the local and most natural products possible."

Our team is united by the admiration for the work of the alcohol manufacturers of our countries who create with art and passion authentic products, of exceptional quality.

Our commitment is to allow you to discover these rarities which will take you on a journey to the land of our childhood. Noroc! Salud!

Maison Nobleza



Represent and make known the producers in Quebec and Canada, promote through their products the culture and traditions of our countries of origin, Romania and Mexico.


Position the products represented on the Quebec and Canadian market, give them the opportunity to obtain the visibility and prestige they deserve.


Provide unparalleled service to our customers and partners, promote quality, originality and the invaluable work of producers. With Maison Nobleza you have the confidence to always get the best product.


Make available to Quebec and Canadian customers a selection of original and diversified import products.